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Metro Process provides Baltimore with reliable service of process and legal processing services. Our process servers can provide same-day, rush and standard delivery of legal documents for law firms, corporate legal departments and the general public. 

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Process Serving and Legal Support Services

At Metro Process, our staff is  highly skilled, trained and and know the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area and this means a quicker response to your firmís litigation process. Our service of process agents have the knowledge and experience to offer you the following legal support and attorney services.

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      Process Serving

  • Regular Service - first attempt made within 72 hours - Unlimited attempts
  • Rush Service - first attempt made within 48 hours -  Unlimited attempts
  • Priority Service - first attempt made upon receipt -  PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE
  • Same-Day Service - documents are picked up and delivered that day - PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE
  • Also available:  Notarized proof of service add $6.00
  • Digital Photography
  • Judgment Recovery
  • Types of Service of Process include all legal documents

       Court Services

  • Court Filings Available
  • Document Retrieval Available
  • County District Courts
  • County Circuit Courts
  • Federal Courts
  • Superior Courts
  • Process Server Definitions and FAQs

    What is service of process?
    What is a legal process server?
    Does a process server need to be licensed?
    Why do you need a legal process server?
    How will I know when my papers have been served?
    What is Proof of Service?
    What is a subpoena?
    What is a writ?

    What is Substituted Service?
    What is a Summons?
    What is an eviction?


    What is service of process?
    "Process" is a term referring to judicial paperwork which directs a person or company to do an act according to the rules of the court. A Summons, Subpoena and Order to Show Cause are common examples of process.

    Process need to be given to that person or company in a manner specified by the laws of the court in that location, this is called service of process.

    Service of process must be performed according to the local rules to ensure that the party receives notice of the courts order, which in turn is a prerequisite to the courts enforcement proceeding.

    If proper service is not made your case will be delayed. This results in increased cost and sometimes loss of tactical advantage. Improper service will also delay the obtainment of evidence and delay court assistance such as injunctions etc.

    What is a legal process server?
    A legal process server is someone who delivers the judicial paperwork or the service of process for a law firm, individual, corporation or organization based upon the rules of the court in the area in which the case is being held.

    Does a process server need to be licensed?
    A process server does not need to be licensed in every state. A process server must be licensed in Alaska, California, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Washington. There are some states that have local licensing requirements as well. For a more details on local and statewide licensing laws for process servers, please visit the web sites for National Process Server Associations page.

    Why do you need a legal process server?
    Process servers know the laws and regulations related to service of process in their area. There are certain requirements and constraints that are associated with service of process depending on document. The professionals at
    Metro Process understand these laws and regulations and can guarantee that your documents are handled in timely and professional manner. Call 301.467.1290 to speak with us today.

    How will I know when my papers have been served?
    Metro Process  will provide you with a document called Proof of Service after the individual or plaintiff has been served. This Proof of Service is then filed with the court. Metro Process  can file this document for you.

    What is a Proof of Service?
    Proof of Service is a document that your process server with provide to you stating when, where and who was served.

    What is a writ?
    An official court document, signed by a judge or bearing an official court seal, which commands the person to whom it is addressed, to do something specific. That "person" is typically either a sheriff (who may be instructed to seize property, for example) or a defendant (for whom the writ is the first notice of formal legal action. In these cases, the writ would command the person to answer the charges laid out in the suit, or else judgment may be made against them in their absence).

    What is a subpoena?
    an order of a court which requires a person to be present at a certain time and place or suffer a penalty (subpoena means, literally, "under penalty"). This is the traditional tool used by lawyers to ensure that witnesses present themselves at a given place, date and time to make themselves available to testify

    What is substituted service?
    If a party appears to be avoiding service of court documents, a request may be made with the court to, instead of personal service (i.e. giving the document directly to the person), that the document be published in a local newspaper, served on a person believed to frequent the person or mailed to his (or her) last known address.

    What is a summons?
    Document or writ directing the sheriff or other officer to notify a person that an action has been commenced against that individual and that he or she is required to appear, on a certain day, and answer the complaint in such action.

    What is an eviction?
    Removal of a tenant from rental property by a law enforcement officer. First, the landlord must file and win an eviction lawsuit, also known as an "unlawful detainer."


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